How does it work?

online ordering has never been easier!

Visitme makes it so easy to order food from a variety of restaurants online and be able to Enjoy different cuisines and flavours delivered to your door step.

1. Login through your facebook

Registering to a website has always been frustrating to people, typing an email, and a username and a password that you’ll forget after a while, thats why at Visitme we made it more secure and easier than ever, simply sign in through your facebook, no need for  a new password!

If you are a VISITME card holder than activate your card and add your home adress details, if not then just when your about to place your order youll be asked to add a Valid phone number, and delivery adress.

2.  Order what you want

Build up your meal by choosing from any of your favorite restaurants, browse the menu and select the items you will like to order. If options are required, e.g

pizza toppings, you will be asked to choose them one you click on an item. Your items will appear on your cart on the right.

3. Checkout & payment

Once you are happy with your order, click on the “CART” button and enter your delivery address. Simply follow the checkout instructions from there.

At certain restaurants payment is accepted only by cash upon delivery, some others accept credit card upon delivery, you will see the icon of the credit card next to each restaurant if this option is available, and at the checkout you will be able to choose this option and the delivery guy will arrive with a wireless credit card reader and you will pay upon delivery.

4. Delivery

With our advanced system you will be able to track your delivery status, if your order has been accepted, if its being cooked, or even if its being delivered to you as we speak :D  so sit back, relax and wait for piping hot food to be conveniently delivered to you!